F000000 - Experienced Business Intelligence Analyst

Identifiant de la demande:  15879
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About Us:

Our team plays a critical role in translating data from various sources into meaningful insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making for our business. We work extensively with AWS, Palantir Foundry, Power BI (Power query, Data Flows, DAX), Python, and other data analytics tools to drive innovation and optimize processes.


Job Description:

Position: Experienced (Mid-Level) BI Analyst (> 3 years of experience)



Responsibilities :

  1. Power BI Expertise: Develop, maintain, and optimize Power BI dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights to our business stakeholders. You should also have an experience with performance optimization, versioning reports, codeveloping with a team and setting up a devops environment (CI/CD, DEV/Preprod/Prod env., etc.) that considers Power BI's strengths and limitations.
  2. DAX Language: Write and optimize DAX expressions for complex calculations and measures within Power BI.
  3. Python: Apply Python scripting for data manipulation, preparation, analysis, and visualization when necessary.
  4. Data Visualization: Design visually appealing and informative dashboards that effectively communicate insights to a non-technical audience.
  5. Data Analytics: Collaborate with the team to analyze and interpret data, identify trends, and provide data-driven recommendations.
  6. Data Quality Assurance: Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability across all reporting and analytics activities.


Nice to have :

  1. Power Platform : Mastering the development of power apps, power automate flows, etc.
  2. Cloud experience : Knowledge in a cloud solution (AWS, Azure, etc.) to streamline data integration, preparation, and transformation processes.



  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Computer Science, Data Science, Business Analytics).
  • Proven experience in developing Power BI reports and dashboards.
  • Strong proficiency in DAX language.
  • A demonstrated passion for data analytics and problem-solving.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to data accuracy.
  • Nice to have : Proficiency in Python for data analysis. Familiarity with a Cloud solution.
Unité commerciale:  GBU Renewables
Division:  REN - HQ Operational Support
Entité légale:  ENGIE Renouvelables
Type de contrat:  CDI
Type d'emploi:  Temps Plein
Expérience professionnelle:  Qualifié ( >3 expérience <15 ans)
Niveau d'instruction:  Bac+4 / Bac + 5 (Master, MBA)