This notice provides you with information on the Processing of Personal Data  when accessing and using ENGIE’s recruitment portal (“ENGIE Recruitment Portal”) operated by ENGIE Romania S.A. and / or his affiliates (“ENGIE Group”) .

1.    Purpose of the Processing
The Processing has the following purposes :
a)    Allow the candidate to create an account in ENGIE Recruitment Portal with the purpose of submitting an application for an open position by an entity belonging to the ENGIE Group.
b)    Allow the candidate to apply for a specific open position by an entity belonging to the ENGIE Group.
c)    Enabling the ENGIE Group to manage the application, with the purpose of assessing the candidate (job interview, transmission and retention of resumes, assessing abilities, skills and interests, etc.) .
d)    Enabling ENGIE to digitalise the hiring process.
e)    Enabling the candidate to subscribe to other job offers of the ENGIE Group.

2.    Who is the Data Controller
The Data Controller is the legal entity of ENGIE Group offering the position for which a recruitments process is in place or  to which the candidate applies (as follows, “Data Controller”).  

3.    Processing ground
Information collected when you visit ENGIE Recruitment Portal for applying to a position is processed on your request, in order to conclude an employment contract.
Processing of Personal Data for subscribing to other job offers of the ENGIE  Group will only be processed with your consent.
In the event that we will ask you to send us recommendation letters, we will Process the Personal Data consisting of the opinions that the authors of those recommendations have of you. In this case we will also Process the Personal Data of the letters’ authors and of other identified or identifiable persons mentioned within the contents of those documents on the basis of our legitimate interests, more specifically to evaluate completely and correctly your application.

4.    Which Personal Data we collect from you
The categories of Personal Data collected in the recruitment process are the following:
o    identification data (name, surname);
o    contact data (telephone number, address, e-mail, address of correspondence);
o    training / education (degree, studies and any other information in connection with training / education);
o    professional experience (position and job occupied previously or at the moment);
o    characteristics of the position sought by the candidate, including professional preferences;
o    the manner in which submission was made (sources, social networks, spontaneous application);
o    results of tests carried out as part of the recruitment process (technical skill evaluation, English test);
o    assessment of the candidate’s application, abilities, skills and interests according to the post requirements that they applied for / position that is being filled;
o    in some cases, it is possible that ENGIE Group will access the candidate’s public social media profiles (eg., Linkedin).
Provision of Personal data is necessary for evaluation of your application.

5.    How long we store your Personal Data
Your data are stored for 12 months after the last connection to your profile.

6.    Who are the recipients of your Personal Data
Your data will be used by the ENGIE Group recruiting and administrative personnel involved in the recruitment process. 
When creating your account in the ENGIE Recruitment Portal, you will have the possibility to choose the visibility level of your data amongst the 3 following options: 
o    Option 1: only recruiters managing jobs for which you applied to (ENGIE Group recruiters can only see your profile when they are responsible for the job(s) you applied to and will not be able to approach you for other job opportunities; in this situation, ENGIE Group’s recruitment teams will not contact you for other job opportunities).
o    Option 2: Only recruiters managing jobs available within one entity in the  ENGIE Group in your country / region of residence (ENGIE Group recruiters managing jobs that are located in the same country that you have chosen as your current country of residence can potentially see your profile and approach you for other job opportunities).
o    Option 3: All recruiters managing jobs of all ENGIE Group companies worldwide (all recruiters within the ENGIE Group can potentially see your profile and contact you for other job opportunities).
You will have the possibility to change that option by yourself, at any point by accessing your profile settings in the ENGIE Recruitment Portal.
Your Personal Data can be transferred to ENGIE Group’s contractual partners that assist us in the recruitment process (eg., recruitment agencies, agencies that check background and conflict of interests, etc.) and also to public institutions or judicial authorities at their request.
Access to your Personal data will be on a need-to-know basis (an ENGIE employee will access your data only if necessary for fulfilling its job duties).

7.    Safeguards and Transfers
Your Personal Data may be transferred outside of the European Union for application maintenance purposes by subcontractors of the ENGIE Group. These transfers are protected by Standard Contractual Clauses. A copy can be obtained by sending a request to

8.    Automated candidate sourcing (identification and selection process)
In the context of its recruitment activities, ENGIE uses TextKernel to help recruiters efficiently and objectively find the most qualified and suitable candidates for a position. 
Your application will be automatically processed by TextKernel to identify your skills and professional experience in the form of keywords.
TextKernel employs algorithms to sort and classify your application based on their relevance to the search criteria set by the recruiter (skills, professional experience,..).  Your application will be searched by Textkernel against the key search terms identified by the recruiter for the relevant position which they are looking to fill.
The recruiter will then analyse the list of candidates suggested by TextKernel and decide who will be retained for the rest of the recruitment process. 
You can request further information on the underlying logic, the process and its impacts by making your request to the data controller as indicated in section 9. Exercising your rights.
If you are contesting the automate decision, in addition to the rights mentioned above, you have the right to request a human review, in particular in order to obtain a review of your situation and/or an explanation of the decision taken within a period of 12 months from receipt of the recruiter’s decision to not proceed with your application in the recruitment process.

9.    Your rights

•    Right of access. You have the right to obtain access to your Personal Data Processed by ENGIE Group and to obtain copies of this data.
•    Right to rectify. You have the right to amend your Personal Data and to also complete them where they are incomplete.
•    Right to data erasure (“the right to be forgotten”). You have the right to request the erasure of your Personal Data Processed by ENGIE Group, to the extent that the necessary legal requirements are met.
•    Right to restriction of processing. You have the right to restrict the Processing of your Personal Data Processed by ENGIE Group. 
•    Right to object. You have the right to object to the Processing of your Personal data by ENGIE Group, according to conditions laid down by the the law.
•    Right to portability. You have the right to request the transfer of your Personal Data that Processed by ENGIE Group to another data controller.
•    Right to withdraw your consent. In cases where the Processing of your Personal Data is done on the basis of consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any moment, by request through any of the communications channels made available by the ENGIE Group; withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the Processing done begore withdrawal.
•    Right to file a complaint with the data protection authority. You have the right to file a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing with regard to the Processing of your Personal Data by ENGIE Group or by entities on ENGIE Group’s behalf, if you consider that the Processing is not compliant with legislation.
•    Right not to be the subject to a decision based solely on automated processing. You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects, in accordance with the law.

In order to exercise one or more of these rights (including the right to withdraw your consent when it constitutes the legal grounds of the Processing) or to address any question about any of these rights or provision contained in this notice or any others aspects related to the processing of your personal data by us, please contact the person with responsibilities relating to personal data privacy assigned at ENGIE Group level at e-mail:, correspondence address: Bd. Mărășești nr. 4-6, Sector 4, Bucharest, 040254.