Please note that your data may be collected based on a legitimate interest in order to enable us to conduct our business and carry out HR related management tasks and associated activities: 

      a) Allow a candidate to create an account before submitting an application; 
      b) Allow a candidate to apply for a specific vacancy; 
      c) Enable the management of the application (job interview, transmission and conservation of resumes,...); 
      d) Enable to automate the contracting process; e) Enable the candidate to subscribe to other job offers. 

The data controller is the ENGIE legal entity offering the position or to which the candidate is applying. 

The data may be used for this processing and may be provided by you or by sources that are publicly available. We collect:  or marital status (name, surname,...) ; 

  •  personal information (phone number, address, email,...); 
  •  training/education (title, credential, and dates); 
  •  Professional experience (position and position held,...); 
  •  Characteristics of the position sought by the candidate; 
  •  submission of requests (sourcing, social networks, spontaneous request, ..) 
  •  Results of tests carried out as part of the recruitment process (technical skills assessment, English test,...); 
  •  General assessment of the suitability of the candidacy for the position to be filled. 

The processing of your data may lead to an automated decision, including profiling. You have the option to withhold your consent to such profiling. 

In the event that we share personal information with a service provider, such provider will process that personal data as an independent controller, not as a processor on our behalf or as a joint controller. In any case, the service provider will comply with the applicable regulations on data protection and data privacy in the processing of personal data. 

Your data will be stored for a retention period in accordance with the retention periods applicable to each country, in accordance with local regulations, and will only be used by the relevant departments.

Your data may be transferred to a related company within the same country or abroad. 

Security measures have been implemented to ensure an adequate level of protection of your personal data. We have implemented security measures; establish internal procedures to identify personal data privacy violations; ensured that the information intended for the interested parties includes the categories required by the regulations on the protection of personal data; established measures to guarantee respect for the rights of the interested parties and establish a complaint management system. 

In accordance with our policy and/or current regulations, you may request access, rectification or deletion of your data. You also have the right to limit and oppose the processing of your data and the right to the portability of your data. 

Since you consent to the collection and processing of your data, we inform you that you can withdraw this consent at any time upon formal request. 

You can exercise all of these rights by contacting your Data Privacy Manager or submitting your request at A copy of your identification or proof of identity must be attached to your application. 

If you believe, after contacting us, that your data protection rights may have been violated, please consider that you have the right to lodge a complaint with us and/or the relevant data protection authority. 

By submitting your request, you declare that your personal data is true, accurate, complete and not misleading. Furthermore, you authorize us to take all reasonable steps to verify the personal data provided by you at any time during the application and selection process where permitted within the local legal context. 

Please note that there is an 'Accept' and 'Decline' button attached to this notification. 

By clicking 'Accept' you confirm that you have read this notice and accept its terms and conditions without restriction. If you press 'Decline', you will be asked to confirm your decision. If you do, a profile will not be created for you and you will not be able to apply for a job offer.