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ENGIE Academy

De talentontwikkelaar

ENGIE Academy voorziet opleidingstrajecten voor bestaande en nieuwe ENGIE medewerkers en studenten.

Words... and action

There are those who talk and those who do. Youth employability, integration, disability, diversity... for us these are not just words, they are actions. Our fundamental purpose is our reason to act. At ENGIE, our commitments and our purpose are written in our articles of association and guide us in all the decisions we make. Looking for concrete proof of our actions? There are plenty of them.


I was delighted that this wonderful association was able to receive financial support from ENGIE.

Laure Mutsaars is Communications & Events Coordinator at ENGIE. She is also a volunteer at DIADYS. She enthusiastically tells us all about this association and explains the role that ENGIE played in its activities.

Tell us about your association...

DYADIS is an association that trains assistance dogs and offers them to people with an illness or disability. The association looks for volunteer foster families to socialise and accustom these faithful companions to various situations in everyday life.

How are you concretely involved?

I offered to foster a dog for a year and a half, and I taught him a lot of things, for example how to move around in busy places, how to lie quietly under my chair in a restaurant or at work,... Every week, I took him to a class where he learned his future tasks as an assistance dog, such as picking up an object and bringing it back to his master, opening a door, etc...

Has it impacted your working life at ENGIE?

Definitely! For more than a year, this dog was my shadow, I took him to work with me every day. My managers were very understanding and open-minded. I explained my project to them and they agreed to support me. This labrador was a member of ENGIE for more than a year, so to speak. Even the colleagues who were most reluctant at first ended up welcoming him with open arms. He became the ‘therapy dog’ of the team!

How did ENGIE support you in this project?

By accepting to finance my association! Via our intranet, I found out about the ENGIE Power2act programme, and I registered DIADYS. I was delighted that this wonderful association was able to receive financial support from ENGIE. This will be of great help when looking for new foster families as DIADYS finances the whole process, from the purchase to the training of the dog, including food and medical bills.

A shelter for people with mental disabilities 

A shelter for people with mental disabilities

Sébastien Nulens is a Shift Manager at the Tihange nuclear power plant. Outside his working hours, he volunteers for the charity Le Refuge, in Geer near Waremme, where his sister works. Let's find out more about him!


Sébastien leads a team of seven people responsible for managing all electricity generation and operating the power station in total safety. This job involves a high level of responsibility.


In his spare time, Sébastien volunteers for the charity Le Refuge, a centre for adults with learning disabilities. "My sister has worked here for years and made me aware of the difficulties these people face. I have great admiration for her work and I wanted to get involved to support her. I mainly help on the open day and to organise the fundraising meal, but also at charity sales."


Each year, in early summer, Le Refuge organises a dinner in order to raise funds. This year, the profits, supplemented by ENGIE's financial assistance, were used to renovate the overnight centre's kitchen. "The residents do not all have the same level of independence. They require supervision and a secure environment. In the kitchen, they take part in the tasks and feel valued and recognised."

Giving new perspectives to tomorrow's adults

Our colleagues talk to children about jobs in energy

Every Saturday, the charity ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir introduces children aged 10 to 14, from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the Brussels-Capital Region, to jobs and the world of work. The goal? To give them perspectives and to help them learn, through contact with people who are passionate about their work, about jobs that they did not necessarily know about. Since 2016, January has been dedicated to practical workshops about energy, in the company of around 30 ENGIE colleagues!

The charity ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA) is one of the Belgian charities supported by the ENGIE Foundation. Founded in 2012 and 100% bilingual, it combats loss of motivation, discouragement and dropping out of school. Its activities target children from schools and families from disadvantaged Brussels neighbourhoods where it does important work to promote inclusion.

1,300 children, tens of occupations
Hélène Grandjean, CSR manager at ENGIE, explains the project. "Every Saturday during the school year, TADA welcomes nearly 1,300 children. It offers to introduce them to various occupations through very practical workshops given by volunteer professionals who are passionate about their jobs: lawyers, nurses, artists, police officers, coders, engineers, journalists, etc." In this way, the children become familiar with the world of work very early on. But not just that: the practical side of the workshops also enables them to develop skills that complement school: creativity, sense of initiative, assertiveness and self-confidence. What is TADA's goal? To enable these young people to find fulfilment and provide them with all the keys to make choices for their professional future with full knowledge of the facts.

30 ENGIE employees

ENGIE is not content with just supporting TADA via the Foundation's sponsorship. Enthusiastic colleagues apply each year to play an active part in the practical classes on Saturdays.

"Since 2016, for four Saturdays in January, 30 ENGIE colleagues have shared a passion for their work and introduced the children to different jobs in energy," says Hélène. "Via small experiments, like producing electricity with lemons, producing energy with a solar panel, measuring the consumption of different electrical devices etc. the young people gain familiarity with energy in everyday life, renewable energy and energy efficiency. A visit to an ENGIE production site is also part of the programme each year."

The ENGIE Foundation supports YouthStart, Sun Child and Fonds Victor

Since 2013, the ENGIE Foundation has supported 37 charities that work for the benefit of children and youth through education, sport and culture in Belgium. Recently, the Selection Committee has renewed its support for five of them and decided to help three new ones: YouthStart, Sun Child and Fonds Victor.

YouthStart develops an entrepreneurial spirit

YouthStart's core aim is to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in young people. To do so, it organises 'Entrepreneurial Classes' to help them discover their talents, develop their skills and self-confidence and teach them basic entrepreneurial and IT knowledge that will enable them to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  Last year, 922 young people were trained; 85% obtained the certificate of success.

Sun Child, caring for sick children

Sun Child organises social and financial assistance to support sick children and their families. A chauffeur service to escort them to their medical appointments, support in their schooling to facilitate their return to school or to establish the link between school and hospital, and much more.

The Fonds Victor promotes reading

​​​​​​​The Fonds Victor's aim is to encourage young people aged 12 to 15 years to read. Because "a child who reads will be an adult who thinks". Concrete actions are organised in and outside the school setting. In this way, young people have the opportunity to develop projects that encourage reading or to take part in the Prix Victor which recognises a French-speaking author each year.

The five charities that the ENGIE Foundation Selection Committee has chosen to renew its support for are TADA, BX Brussels, Teach For Belgium, Playing for Success and Zonder Handen.