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ENGIE, working for tomorrow's world

Choosing to join ENGIE means being convinced that economic performance can come with a positive impact for individuals and the planet. It's also a reciprocal commitment in which the employee is involved and makes a contribution through their personality and ideas... and the Group supports them, so they can prove themselves and find fulfilment. This is the pact between us.


Jens believes!

The first step towards a carbon neutral future is to believe in it. That is what we do every day at ENGIE and it is also the slogan of our brand campaign, which has been deployed on a national scale. Our colleague Jens,  is one of the stars of this campaign! Jens Hoornaert: "As a wind farm technician, I take part in coordinating the construction of new offshore substations for wind farms at sea, from the first sketch to the last screw. A substation can be considered as the heart of a wind farm. All the wind turbines' cables are routed to the substation and the electricity is converted by large transformers, and then delivered on land where it is connected to the grid. It's fascinating and stimulating work without a doubt! I loved taking part in this new campaign and showing everyone that offshore energy is the key to the energy transition in our country. Today, our offshore wind turbines produce 10% of Belgian energy. There is still a lot of potential for expansion and we can certainly double the capacity. At ENGIE, we are fully committed to doing so. I believe!"

"Noordelijn is ready to roll!"

It took nearly four years and nine months to complete the gigantic infrastructure project. Noorderlijn, from the name of the tram line that today connects the centre of Antwerp with the north of the city, was completed in December 2020. It's a matter of pride for the TramContractors consortium of which ENGIE Solutions is part!

François Gillain, Senior Project Manager at ENGIE Solutions, Cities & Communities, talks about it: "Our teams were responsible for all the technical and electromechanical installations. From building the catenary system for the new tram lines to installing the five traction substations and a fibre optic communication network, via the technical installations for the new underground car park and for the tunnel under Place Opera and Place Roosevelt. For this project, we involved no fewer than 30 engineers, eight site managers, 50 technicians and many subcontractors. The result? More fluid mobility, increased safety and better quality of life in the city centre! And two new tram lines the maintenance of which will be carried out by ENGIE Solutions until 2044. 😉"

"Optimising the comfort of the Möbius Towers" 

ENGIE Solutions is participating in the construction of two new towers in Brussels that will house smart, high-performance and sustainable workspaces while increasing the comfort of their future occupants.

In this project, the greening of the buildings is a core component in which ENGIE Solutions plays an important role. Discover the new technologies put in place by ENGIE Solutions in this construction project that reduce the energy consumption of the new towers and increase their energy efficiency.

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"ADEPS sports centres switch to solar energy"

The 2,904 panels being placed on the roofs of the buildings on nine ADEPS and culture sites will have a total capacity of 840 kWc and cover the surface area of almost a whole football pitch. Each year, they will produce 786 MWh, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 225 families.

The green and local energy produced will cover between 10% and 57% of these sites' electricity needs. They will avoid emitting 314 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, the equivalent of the annual emissions of 137 diesel vehicles. The panels are installed by SOLTIS and ENGIE Solutions, which will carry out maintenance on them for the first 10 years. Ten percent of their financing came from the citizen financing cooperative ENERGIRIS and the remainder from the third-party investor mechanism with ENGIE. The Wallonia-Brussels Federation will own the solar panels after 10 years.

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ENGIE Solutions has committed to cutting the hospital's annual energy consumption by 15.5% under an Energy Performance Contract.

CHR Sambre et Meuse (CHRSM) in Namur has more than 400 beds, 250 doctors and 1,500 employees who devote themselves, day in and day out, to ensuring their patients’ comfort and safety. With an annual electricity consumption equivalent to more than 2,000 households, the hospital wanted to develop a strategy to improve energy performance at its facilities. And that is exactly what happened. Thanks to the work carried out by ENGIE Solutions under the Energy Performance Contract signed in partnership with Renowatt, CHRSM will see its consumption drop by 15.5% per year.

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"Thanks to ENGIE and Umicore, 48 electric vehicle batteries are given a second life"  

ENGIE and Umicore launched the first "second life" industrial battery system on the Umicore site in Olen. This system comprises 48 batteries previously used in electric vehicles. They now form a high capacity storage battery generating 1.2 MW.

At a time when electric vehicles are gaining popularity, the question arises as to what will become of the batteries when the vehicles reach the end of their life. If Umicore can recycle these batteries, they can often be reused in an energy storage system. ENGIE, a global player in energy and services, and Umicore, a global player in the production and recycling of materials for rechargeable batteries, have joined forces and implemented the principle of battery reuse for the first time on an industrial site in Belgium.

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