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ENGIE Academy

Voor de techniekers van morgen

ENGIE Academy voorziet opleidingstrajecten voor bestaande en nieuwe ENGIE medewerkers en studenten.

Disconnect, log off, relax! ​

We sometimes need to break free from stress and then come back to work with renewed energy. Feeling good, at work and in your private life: that’s the greatest good, right? ENGIE supports you in many ways. Read along!

We live in a VUCA world and that means that employees’ well-being and resilience is becoming even more important. Excuse me, VUCA? “That stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. The world in which we work is volatile, uncertain, and complex, with ever-blurring boundaries,” explains Bénédicte Taymans from Pulso. On behalf of ENGIE, Pulso offers employees individual advice in the event of personal and/or work-related questions or difficulties, under the greatest possible confidentiality. Also, the constant stream of emails, news, messages, and pop-up alerts means that our to do list never seems to be finished,” continues Bénédicte. “It’s getting harder and harder to focus on what’s really important. The tendency to check your smartphone or email even more often to make sure you don’t miss anything is also called ‘infobesitas’, an abundance of stimuli that overheat the brain. 

Less traffic equals less stress

…so of course, all solutions to make us feel good at work are more than welcome. Opting for sustainable, green mobility first and foremost requires a change in our daily Summer and annual holidays commuters’ mentality, but it helps when new ideas show the way. ENGIE Fabricom, for example, has recently included bicycle leasing in its range, with colleagues being able to pay for their new bicycle (electric, folding, carrier, or normal bicycle) at a favourable rate over a period of 36 months. “Thirty percent of our colleagues work within a 15 to 20 km radius of their workplace, so this could be the solution for them,” says the Mobility Manager Jan Borré. “We are currently testing a second bicycle solution, where employees travel the first part to and from work by car, but then take their own bicycle from a secure Velobox to complete the last part of the journey to the workshop in Zwijndrecht.” The initiatives have grown within ENGIE Fabricom, as a result of the four Antwerp branches that had a more urgent need for mobility solutions due to the Oosterweel works. In the meantime, ENGIE is considering which of the new initiatives could also be integrated within the Group.