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ENGIE Academy

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ENGIE Academy voorziet opleidingstrajecten voor bestaande en nieuwe ENGIE medewerkers en studenten.

Meet our colleagues Technicians

Toon : “You can build a full career at ENGIE’”

What does your job entail?

‘I actually work as a Site Manager. I manage the technicians on site, order materials and answer questions from the client. ENGIE runs projects for fruit farmers, for example, but we also installed the skating rink in Antwerp last winter.’

Why do you enjoy doing this?

‘I’d never agree to spending the whole day in an office. With my job as a Cooling Technician, I get to visit lots of different sites and meet a lot of people. Sometimes I do smaller projects on my own that last a week, and then I can be on a large project with a team of 15 people for five months. This variety keeps it really interesting.’

Why is ENGIE the ideal employer for cooling technicians?

‘ENGIE is a very big company, so you can get a taster of lots of different departments. School-leavers can also join large projects straight away, so you can find out what’s best for you. In other words, you can build your whole career here.’

Ian: “What's also great is the working atmosphere, I have great colleagues and a good team leader.”

What is your job? 

After working for several years as an electrical maintenance technician, I felt it was time for me to take on a new challenge. ENGIE gave me the opportunity to retrain in the field of HVAC, everything related to cooling, ventilation and heating. I was assigned a mentor, Kristof, who is currently guiding me through my training. It's a very diversified job that allows me to work in many large companies. After a year, I will be able to choose which part of HVAC I want to specialize in. 

Why do you like doing this job? 

When I started at ENGIE, I had very little experience, but I knew that I wanted to work with my hands. That's why I started as a maintenance technician. ENGIE offered me the chance to learn everything I needed to be able to do this job the best way. This job involves a variety of tasks, which is why I am learning every day. What's also great is the working atmosphere, I have great colleagues and a good team leader. That’s why I like my job. 

Why is ENGIE the ideal employer for maintenance technicians?  

Because ENGIE has offered me and still offers me the opportunity to evolve in my work and to develop myself. My superiors don't just show you how everything should be done, they really invest in training and my team leader encourages me to follow them. ENGIE offers excellent training.

Parham : “ I’m lucky that I can work with such great colleagues.”

‘After my studies I did an internship at Doel Nuclear Power Station, and when it ended they asked me almost immediately if I wanted to start work there.

The atmosphere and especially the work appealed to me, so I was happy to accept their offer. I’m lucky that I can work with such great colleagues. And that shouldn’t be underestimated, because you spend more time with them than you do your own family.

The content of my work is really varied and interesting. I do lots of research, which means I need to look at work documents in detail and adapt them if necessary.

It involves a bit of everything and I’ve gained quite a good overview of how the power plant operates. Nuclear and more traditional safety measures are crucial at our workplace. Everything is monitored in great detail.

So I can’t see myself leaving ENGIE Electrabel any time soon. There are really good opportunities to keep growing here; I’ve already been promoted twice since 2016. As long as you show enough initiative, all roads are open to you.’

Guillaume: “This job brings together all my passions: technology, automation, and electricity… Perfect!”

In internal training as an operator for steam and gas power stations, the so-called STEG, Guillaume Deglasse, has just completed his course at the Amercoeur power station and will soon start working at Saint-Ghislain. “It’s all very fascinating. This job brings together all my passions: technology, automation, and electricity… Perfect!”

Most beautiful moment? 

“I’ll never forget the moment when I was allowed to start up the Amercoeur CCGT power station for the first time. It’s a lot different than starting a car! Does that mean that the power station stops sometimes? Yes, a steam and gas-fired power station supplements the electricity we produce from wind and sun. So it doesn’t run all the time. Plus, you occasionally have to stop and restart them.”

Philip: “Working in a nuclear power plant… that’s something else, isn’t it?”

“A friend of my wife’s works at ENGIE Electrabel. She’s the one who told me there were job openings at the nuclear power station in Doel that were difficult to fill.

So, I applied and passed all the tests successfully. I’ve been working here since 1 March 2019, where I set and control a whole series of measurements, including pressure, temperature, etc.

I was an instrumentation engineer at my previous company, too, but working in a nuclear power plant… that’s something else, isn’t it? Here, they only use Quality Assurance-tested material. That’s top quality! Everything for the sake of safety.”

Wim: "Mijn job is heel gevarieerd"

Heb je een leuke job?
«Momenteel werk ik op de werf Ashland, daar sta ik in voor een goed contact met de klant. Dat is belangrijk om het werk vlot te laten verlopen. Ook stuur ik de collega’s aan en zorg ik ervoor dat ze al het nodige materiaal hebben. Het is een interessante job omdat ik heel wat variatie heb. Ook heel fijn is de leuke werksfeer.»

Heb je loopbaanmogelijkheden?
«Zeker en vast want bij ENGIE zijn er geregeld aanbiedingen. Momenteel heb ik 23 jaar dienst. Ik ben van plan voor dit bedrijf te blijven werken, veranderen zegt me niets. Ik doe mijn job heel graag en dat is een groot pluspunt.»

Kan je je bijscholen?
«ENGIE biedt verschillende cursussen waarop we al dan niet kunnen ingaan. Ik volgde onder meer een opleiding ‘hoogtewerker’ en enkele cursussen die eerder technisch gericht zijn en verband houden met mijn job. Boeiend zijn ook de maandelijkse meetings waar zaken als duurzaamheid aan bod komen. Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen is een uitdaging voor het
hele bedrijf.»

Erik: "It’s a real challenge and very interesting work!"

What does your job consist of?

“Our job is all about security: we install cameras and provide access control, fire detection and anti-theft alarms. We integrate it all in one system based on the client’s requirements. It’s a real challenge and very interesting work!”

What do you like about your job?

“No day is like another. I often work in the port of Antwerp, but ENGIE has projects all across Belgium.
I also like the fact that we work in a team. There’s a great atmosphere among colleagues and the managers regularly express their appreciation for our work. Furthermore, ENGIE also makes a lot of effort to guarantee optimal security in the workplace.”

And what about career opportunities?

“ENGIE offers a broad range of training courses. As a result, there are plenty of career opportunities. From day one, the company attaches great importance to a good work-life balance.” 

Kristof: “It is really nice to work at ENGIE. I learn new things every day!”

What does your job involve? 

I have been working as a Maintenance Technician at ENGIE for a little over a year now. My job is to carry out maintenance in various factories, in all areas of HVAC. We work on small projects in large companies, so the result is immediately visible when we do something. 

Why do you like doing this job?

ENGIE provides a lot of training so that I, as a Maintenance Technician, am learning more and more. In addition, it is also really fun to work. In our daily group we are close and there is a pleasant atmosphere, but also when we are together with the whole group of 30, there is always a lot of ambiance. Everbody gets along very well, nobody falls out of the loop. 

Why is ENGIE the ideal employer for maintenance engineers? 

I love working at ENGIE because there is always a relaxed working atmosphere and everyone is friendly to everyone. We have great bosses and everyone is treated in the same way. In addition, job security in a large company like ENGIE is also an important factor for me.