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ENGIE Academy

De talentontwikkelaar

ENGIE Academy voorziet opleidingstrajecten voor bestaande en nieuwe ENGIE medewerkers en studenten.

Meet our colleagues Foreman/Supervisor

Marc-Antoine : “my job is never the same.”

‘A swimming pool, care home, pharmaceutical company, parliament... I really love the variety of ENGIE projects. I’ve been working as a Site Manager for the ENGIE Axima Proximity department for eleven years and my job is never the same.

Technology is constantly evolving so I’m always learning new things. I call follow lots of training courses in all subject areas.

I’m also very happy with the support I receive. So even though I have lots of freedom, I know I can count on the management team helping me.

Professionalism, professional ethics and attention for the human aspect: these were the qualities that really struck me about ENGIE when I was working on construction sites for another company.

​I sent a spontaneous application to ENGIE and am still very pleased to this day that I did. I feel really good here. I smile to myself every morning because I’m happy to go to work!’

Sam : “ENGIE gives me chances to keep learning and growing.”

‘My father worked at ENGIE Axima, so I was given an early introduction to the ENGIE spirit. It was clear where I wanted to work, but I wanted to be Sam, not my father’s son.

So I started work at ENGIE Cofely. I applied as an electrician, but my broad knowledge of heating, ventilation and air conditioning meant I was taken on as an HVAC technician. Four years later there was an opportunity to become a team leader, and I grabbed my chance.

The technical and personal challenges make my job really interesting, and I enjoy working with people too. I take my responsibility and make decisions, but I also want to stay in touch and work closely with my team. My strength? I’m not afraid to admit my weaknesses or ask for help in finding a solution.

I see myself developing further, but I’ll always stay at ENGIE. The company ensures my work is varied and gives me chances to keep learning and growing. I also feel that the company is in touch with our society and the digital era… ENGIE is up to date with all the modern standards, and I’m completely on board with this philosophy.’

Valentino: “I’m really passionate about my work. Even after all these years, I still learn something new each day.”

“I’m the Site Manager at ENGIE Axima. We’re currently working at the Möbius tower site, the new office tower in the Noordwijk district of Brussels. ENGIE Axima is responsible for all HVAC work. My job is to coordinate all teams at the site, maintain contact with subcontractors and allocate tasks to ensure everything takes place according to the plans.”

My biggest concern?

“Safety, of course! A safe site is one of my top priorities. We recently had a visit by our CEO Phillippe Van Troeye. He wanted to see for himself that we were doing everything safely. What does this entail? Everyone at the site wears a helmet with a personal number for identification purposes. A special safety briefing reminds everyone of the importance of protective goggles, a helmet, adapted gloves, a high-visibility vest, etc. We’ve also made an informative and awareness-raising video. You need to convey the message clearly and emphasise it daily.”