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ENGIE Academy

De talentontwikkelaar

ENGIE Academy voorziet opleidingstrajecten voor bestaande en nieuwe ENGIE medewerkers en studenten.

Meet our colleagues Engineer

Aurélie : “Management soon let me gain some experience abroad, which is what I wanted.”

‘ENGIE is my first employer. I received my first job offer after my very first job interview. And I accepted it immediately! ENGIE was already on my list when I graduated in biological engineering. I’ve been working there for three years now and everything’s going as I expected and wanted. It’s a large group with lots of possibilities to keep learning and growing. You also get lots of opportunities abroad and can contribute to a wide range of projects. I spent two years training in the junior programme, and management soon let me gain some experience abroad, which is what I wanted. That’s how I first ended up in the Netherlands. Now I’m working in Switzerland and have learned to speak four languages! I felt very supported by ENGIE from my very first day working in the ENGIE Fabricom department. I’m really encouraged to give the best of myself here. My role has changed dramatically over time, and now I’m working as a Construction Manager. It’s a job with lots of responsibilities where I have to deal with different stakeholders, customer expectations, the planning, the budget...

I have an important role on the construction site. I’ve become a point of contact and am not held back by my age or gender! But I’m not going to stop here; I want to keep growing and be a Project Manager in the future.

Davy D'hondt: "That it’s great to work here."

“As a refrigeration engineer, I come into contact with so many aspects, from electricity to mechanics and automation. In addition, our new refrigeration systems work with natural refrigerants and thus fight against global warming.”


“I am responsible for the start-up, setting, and adjustment of an installation. I am currently working for a meat-cutting plant that chose our innovative cooling system. This installation uses a natural refrigerant: ammonia. The customer records lower energy consumption, helps the environment, and notices that its end product is less dehydrated.”


“As much as possible, yes, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Our subsidiary in Wevelgem has a great deal of expertise at all levels. We consult regularly, also just around the coffee machine. We constantly share knowledge, which makes our group very close.”


“That it’s great to work here. The other day, colleagues from Project Management and Service set aside their office work to help us meet the deadline at a customer’s site. Pretty unique, wouldn’t you say?” There’s a major staff shortage going on right now, so we’re receiving applicants with open arms!”