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Selection process

Go to 'Jobs'. Here you will find all vacancies from ENGIE Belgium. You apply ONLINE for the selected job.

Your online application will be analysed by our recruiter. You will receive feedback of this first screening by mail or phone.

Is there a match between your profile and our vacancy? Then our recruiter invites you to meet us. Based on an in-depth interview your talents and competences will be screened more in detail. Additional tests can also be part of this selection step.

Was the interview with the recruiter positive? Then you will be invited to an interview with the hiring manager. At this stage, there will be a more in-depth look at your technical skills that are necessary to perform the job.

Have all interviews run smoothly and have you been selected? Do you have the contract in your pocket? Congratulations and welcome to our team!

Expect a warm welcome and time to get to know your colleagues. Your new career starts now!