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Toon : “You can build a full career at ENGIE’”

What does your job entail?

‘I actually work as a Site Manager. I manage the technicians on site, order materials and answer questions from the client. ENGIE runs projects for fruit farmers, for example, but we also installed the skating rink in Antwerp last winter.’

Why do you enjoy doing this?

‘I’d never agree to spending the whole day in an office. With my job as a Cooling Technician, I get to visit lots of different sites and meet a lot of people. Sometimes I do smaller projects on my own that last a week, and then I can be on a large project with a team of 15 people for five months. This variety keeps it really interesting.’

Why is ENGIE the ideal employer for cooling technicians?

‘ENGIE is a very big company, so you can get a taster of lots of different departments. School-leavers can also join large projects straight away, so you can find out what’s best for you. In other words, you can build your whole career here.’

Découvrez les métiers des UPtimistes

Toon - Koeltechnieker

Toon - Refrigeration technician

HVAC Technieker

Ernie & Ann-Christine - HVAC Technician

Field operator chez ENGIE

Suzy : “Development opportunities at the Doel Nuclear Power Station”

‘I combined my work at ENGIE with electromechanics training at college. It was quite tough, but looking back I’m really pleased I took this step. I spent three days at work and two days at college every week. It’s an ideal formula; you earn an income while studying the theory to improve your career prospects.’


Suzy has worked as an electrician in the maintenance department at Doel Nuclear Power Station for the past few years, but recently got a new role as Field Operator. ‘I’m currently following a field operator training course while also learning on the job. Doel 3 is our working area. We check the condition of the pipes, looking and listening to make sure there are no irregularities, and changing or flushing filters, etc.’

Suzy’s work offers her lots of challenges. Variety is key, and no two days are the same. ‘We’re given lots of responsibilities and aren’t fixed to a rigid pattern. Taking your own initiative is valued very highly here. I feel completely at home in a team with predominantly male colleagues. I also really enjoy the shift patterns: I spend three weeks working earlies, afternoons and late shifts, and then have three weeks at home. It gives me a good balance that really suits me. Everything has fallen nicely into place for me at ENGIE.’

Tim - HVAC-tekenaar

Tim - HVAC designer

Fabien - Werfcoördinator

Fabien - Site coordinator

thomas Field Technieker

Thomas - Field Technician

Parham : “ I’m lucky that I can work with such great colleagues.”

‘After my studies I did an internship at Doel Nuclear Power Station, and when it ended they asked me almost immediately if I wanted to start work there.

The atmosphere and especially the work appealed to me, so I was happy to accept their offer. I’m lucky that I can work with such great colleagues. And that shouldn’t be underestimated, because you spend more time with them than you do your own family.

The content of my work is really varied and interesting. I do lots of research, which means I need to look at work documents in detail and adapt them if necessary.

It involves a bit of everything and I’ve gained quite a good overview of how the power plant operates. Nuclear and more traditional safety measures are crucial at our workplace. Everything is monitored in great detail.

So I can’t see myself leaving ENGIE Electrabel any time soon. There are really good opportunities to keep growing here; I’ve already been promoted twice since 2016. As long as you show enough initiative, all roads are open to you.’

Préparateur de chantier chez ENGIE

Jari - Industrial electrician

Guillaume: “This job brings together all my passions: technology, automation, and electricity… Perfect!”  

In internal training as an operator for steam and gas power stations, the so-called STEG, Guillaume Deglasse, has just completed his course at the Amercoeur power station and will soon start working at Saint-Ghislain. “It’s all very fascinating. This job brings together all my passions: technology, automation, and electricity… Perfect!”

Most beautiful moment? 

“I’ll never forget the moment when I was allowed to start up the Amercoeur CCGT power station for the first time. It’s a lot different than starting a car! Does that mean that the power station stops sometimes? Yes, a steam and gas-fired power station supplements the electricity we produce from wind and sun. So it doesn’t run all the time. Plus, you occasionally have to stop and restart them.”

Philip: “Working in a nuclear power plant… that’s something else, isn’t it?”

“A friend of my wife’s works at ENGIE Electrabel. She’s the one who told me there were job openings at the nuclear power station in Doel that were difficult to fill.

So, I applied and passed all the tests successfully. I’ve been working here since 1 March 2019, where I set and control a whole series of measurements, including pressure, temperature, etc.

I was an instrumentation engineer at my previous company, too, but working in a nuclear power plant… that’s something else, isn’t it? Here, they only use Quality Assurance-tested material. That’s top quality! Everything for the sake of safety.” 


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