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Does a job in cooling seem HOT to you? Do you want to be a Cooling Technician, or rather a Project Manager or Manager Cooling?

At ENGIE you can develop your expertise constantly. Make the world a “cooler” place and join us!
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Toon : “You can build a full career at ENGIE’”

What does your job entail?

‘I actually work as a Site Manager. I manage the technicians on site, order materials and answer questions from the client. ENGIE runs projects for fruit farmers, for example, but we also installed the skating rink in Antwerp last winter.’

Why do you enjoy doing this?

‘I’d never agree to spending the whole day in an office. With my job as a Cooling Technician, I get to visit lots of different sites and meet a lot of people. Sometimes I do smaller projects on my own that last a week, and then I can be on a large project with a team of 15 people for five months. This variety keeps it really interesting.’

Why is ENGIE the ideal employer for cooling technicians?

‘ENGIE is a very big company, so you can get a taster of lots of different departments. School-leavers can also join large projects straight away, so you can find out what’s best for you. In other words, you can build your whole career here.’

Toon - Cooling Technician

Eric - Project Manager

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Tom : “My days pass really quickly”

What does a project manager at ENGIE Solutions do, exactly?

I manage projects from start to finish at ENGIE Solutions, and lead a team of 25 people. This team is comprised of technicians who install HVAC systems at our sites, and other colleagues who take care of the administrative planning. Specifically, this means I’m responsible for ensuing our projects run smoothly both in the office and at our sites.

What do you enjoy about the job?

My work is really varied; I spend time on the sites and in the office, which is ideal for someone like me who isn’t built to sit at a desk all day. The variety helps my days pass really quickly. It’s also a very sociable job. I’m in contact with our customers and have really great colleagues, too. There’s a really good atmosphere here.

We also work with local authorities to help them save energy and make their buildings more energy efficient. The fact that I can contribute to helping the environment is very satisfying for me. My job is anything but routine menial work.

Are there good career opportunities?

Absolutely! I started at ENGIE as a Repair Technician 15 years ago. Then I was promoted to Site Manager before becoming a Project Manager. I’m still currently working as a Project Manager, but will start as an Operations Manager soon, where I’ll be in charge of the other Project Managers. Some people think there aren’t very many good career opportunities here, but I completely disagree and am a perfect example of this.